Intro to Polo 60 minutes 850 AED per person
Assessment Lesson 60 minutes 850 AED per person
Private Lesson 60 minutes 1175 AED per person
Group Lesson 60 minutes 750 AED per person
Stick & Ball Practice 20 minutes 500 AED per person, additional consecutive session with a new horse 350 AED per person (no instructor)
40 minutes 820 AED with a Pro
Combo Lesson 30 minute private lesson with instructor followed by 20 minute stick and ball practice 950 AED (no instructor)
Advanced Riding Lesson - Private 30 minute private lesson 750AED
Instructional Chukkas 2 x 10 minute chukkas 810 AED per person
Recreational Riding for Polo 30 minutes 350 AED per person
Monday Morning Pololatis 30 minutes bareback riding held weekly over a 6 week period at the beginning of the season 3000AED for 6 weeks**
Speak to us about special rates if you have your own horse.
**10% discount on all above prices for pre-payment of 5,000 AED, excluding Instructional Chukkas and Monday Pololatis.**
Strictly no credit facility, all payments must be made pre activity.
All participants must be under 100 kg.
Interactive Polo Demonstration 350AED per person - minimum of 10 people
The Polo Experience - Learn to Play 650 AED per person - a boutique experience availble for a maximum of 8 people.
For bookings and more information please contact us on:
Tel: +971 50 887 98 47, Email: