It can be so difficult to find an activity that has such universal appeal, this stable tour really is a superb option an extremely well run. Everybody commented it was the highlight of their tour. Thank you all.
- Nikki Rebuck, The Representation Company

Interactive Stable Tour

The exclusive world of polo – an insight into the lives of the rich and famous and how polo functions as a sport.

Step 1: Welcome

Guests will receive a welcome briefing by a polo professional who will guide them through all of the things they would ever want to know about the game… and more!

Step 3: Polo Demonstration

This element of the tour will brief guests on the functions and requirements of each horse and rider, and the eight basic shots. In addition, your guide will introduce Polo etiquette, the do's and don'ts – and even answer questions on what to wear!

Step 5: Stable Tour Breakfast

Soak up the atmosphere, sights, sounds and smells of a working polo club whilst enjoying a sumptuous breakfast on the Players Terrace. A perfect way to start your day as a true polo aficionado.

Step 2: The Stables & The Ponies

Guests will be shown across the magnificent grounds of the Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club and led to the stables where they will meet the true athletes – the ponies! Each has its own story and guests will interact with them and experience the daily routines talking place in a typical Polo barn. In addition, guests will also get an insight into prepping of the pony, equipment used and the exercise and training regimes specific to Polo.

Step 4: Have A Go Yourself

For that once in a lifetime experience so you can now say "I've done it!", why not try it out for yourself on one of the Academy horses provided? This is a perfect opportunity for guests to appreciate the skills involved and walk away with that all-important photo!

Step 6: Contact Us

For information on organising a booking, F&B options and more, please contact us.

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