Wow this was such a resounding success, having this activity as an option meant that everybody in the office was included and it was hugely entertaining to watch. A highly innovative activity that I would recommend to anybody.
- Andy Palmer, MBC

Chariot Challenge

Born out of the necessity for us to accommodate much larger groups – The Chariot Challenge is steeped in all of the glamour, exclusivity and luxury of the polo world but participants will have both feet securely on the ground!

Continuing along the horse theme – up to 200 delegates can participate in this exciting, fun and unique participation activity. With the equipment provided, the aim is to build a chariot strong enough to hold an individual and compete in the finale race.

Step 1: Arrival

Upon arrival all guests will be greeted with their welcome drink whilst they receive a briefing from the instructor on the days itinerary. Guests will be divided into teams and will receive all the tools and equipment necessary for them to construct their very own chariot.

Step 3: The Big Race

Following a parade of the completed chariots, teams will then designate three individuals to pull and drive their chariots in a race like no other! Like a slow motion rendition of Ben Hurr – a race across the pitch will ultimately determine the winner.

Step 5: Contact Us

For information on organising a booking, F&B options and more, please contact us.

Step 2: Construction

Teams will be allocated a set time to build and decorate their chariot using only the materials provided. Extra points are awarded for the most glamorous or innovative design.

Step 4: Prize Presentation

Participants will be called up in order to receive their Team and Individual Awards.

Step 6: Exhibition Match

Depending on the timings of your event, it is often possible to schedule your day to see the pros in action in a scheduled Polo match.

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